Bounty Hunter Sun Wukong


May 2, 2019
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Sun is a Wendigo, being a Hybrid of an ape and a human. His look is more closely related to that of a human other than his ape like ears, his fangeg teeth and his ape-like tail. He stands about 6'3 and has an athletic yet slim build. He is usually seen wearing a black opened shirt, and a head band that is like a halo from his tribe whom believe is a chosen person to save the world. His pants are black and so are his shoes, but he wears a Tiger striped cloth around his waist.


Sun is shown to be playful, honest and lighthearted young man that primarily seeks nothing more than a good fight. He is fairly kind and hospitable to strangers, and develops strong bonds of loyalty with his friends. Apparently he is weak against people he has lost to and becoming quite submissive. When angered, Sun usually carries an expressionless face and will mercilessly beat the person responsible for his anger. Many people who have witnessed his fighting prowess acknowledge his strength and are terrified of ever engaging in battle with him. Despite his tough nature, Sun was shown to easily tear down when someone mention his parents, thinking they abandoned him in the past.


Inconclusive! Despite, an ever growing presence the mans past is shrouded in mystery. Classified intelligence has noted he first sprung into prominence as a teenage Bounty Hunter (17) in West Blue and gained notoriety after leaving behind dozens of corpses. However, at this point as an adult that leads his own life, all events prior are hearsay. However, it is known that he has has killed. rogues on many occasions and has a penchant for violence following him. Information that was sufficient to brand him a high class threat to criminals. Those who know him are more intrigued with his story as it develops at present rather than a reflection of his past.

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